IRPF Retention for self employed drops in 2015 and 2016

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IRPF Retention for self employed drops in 2015 and 2016

If you are self-employed/freelancer/autónomo in Spain and you have to pay IRPF Retentions, you must know that the Ministry of Finance and Treasury has decided to reduce the fiscal pressure for the next two years. It is intended to create employment in our country.

This reduction will fix a new percentage of 19% for 2015 and 18% for 2016, a larger reduction than predicted.
The intention is that the workers can have more cash flow at their disposition.

This goes back to 2012, when the Popular Party Government raised the retention from 15% to 21%. At that time, it was a temporal measure (two years) but it has being extended until 2014 and will be progressively reduced.

This Tax Reform introduces another change, the creation of an attenuated type of 15%. It will be applicable for those invoices of self-employers whose income is less than 15.000 Euros per year as long as the 75% of this income comes from the professional activity itself.

The calculations indicate this reduction would affect approximately 800.000 independent workers. It was only one of the requested measures made by this collective in order to support entrepreneurships and small and medium companies, which are going through serious difficulties.

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