Our Team

We currently have a permanent staff of 8 lawyers under the leadership of José Antonio Fernández-Cuevas. Meet the team

The Law Firm was founded by our senior partner, José Antonio Fernández-Cuevas Rodríguez, member nº 4704 of the Granada Bar Association (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Granada). He is also member nº 117.750 of the Madrid Bar Association (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid), focusing in his professional trajectory in the publication of different legal books, being an assiduous collaborator of prestigious scientific and legal magazines. He also has a Master´s Degree in Labour Law obtained at the University of Granada, the Title that completes his jurist formation and gives him a wider vision on the subject. He also has another Master´s Degree in Town Planning Law by the same University in Granada.

Other partner of our Law Firm is the solicitor Carmen Belén Ortega Guilló, with member nº 5239 of the Granada Bar Association. Her practical formation is endorsed by many Titles such as a Master´s Degree in Legal Practice from the Granada Bar Association and a Title of Expert on Consumer Law and Consumers and Users Defense, both titles obtained at the University of Granada. She also went through the Jean Monnet course in European Union Law, matters that qualify her to offer counseling and defense to businessmen as well as individuals in their commercial transactions.

The lawyer Irina Sviridovitch, member nº 5669 of the Granada Bar Association, also forms part of the Law Firm. She is a law graduate from the University of Minsk (Belarus) as well as the University of Granada. Her professional formation was completed with the following courses: she obtained a Doctorate in the area of Public International Law, she also has a Master´s Degree in Immigration Law, and finished the Jean Monnet Course in European Union Law.

Another member of our team is the solicitor Juan Luis González Montoro, member nº 3.753 of the Granada Bar Association (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Granada). He began his professional career as a Lawyer in the city of Granada, specializing in Civil cases; big part of his professional activity has been carried out in the Local Administration, and he has been the Mayor and the Town Planning Councilor of Almuñécar. He was also part of the Local Commission that prepares the PGOU , Plan General de Ordenación Urbanística, of Almuñécar. He has given a great number of conferences and courses that were organized by the Public Administrations, specializing in Urban and Civil matters. Currently he is the Commissioner of the Granada Bar Association in the Judicial District of Almuñécar.

Part of our legal team is Roxana Fernández Valdés, member nº 5.682 of the Granada Bar Association. Her practical training includes two Post Graduate titles, Expert and Master in Legal Practice by the Granada Foundation of Legal Studies and Practice. These titles enable her to provide assistance to both individual clients as well as companies in all the areas of legal practice, with an ample experience in Civil and Criminal matters and especially in Family Law, Personal Injury, Civil and Company Contract Law as well as Labor Law. She also has the Certificate of Professional Competence (CAP), issued by the General Council for Spanish Lawyers.

Isabel Povedano Fernández, lawyer, member nº 4904 of the Granada Bar Association with ample experience and knowledge in the branch of Real Property and Land Registry Law. Her specialty is Land Registration of both urban and rustic plots, and all the matters that are connected to these areas of the Law. She acts on behalf of the clients at the Cadastre Office, Notaries and Registry of the Property as well as in Law Courts. She has also completed several courses, among them the Expert in Judicial Practice course.

Part of our team is Kristina Paksy Kiss, Lawyer’s Bar Number 6576 of the Granada Lawyer´s bar Association, her professional activity and expertise is in the field of Commercial Law, Corporate Law and Tax advisory services. She can give advice about all the aspects of tax regimes, especially domestic and international tax planning. She has a Master´s degree in Tax Law and corporate/company counseling in order to offer financial/fiscal advice both to individuals and companies in all of the areas of Taxation law and accounting.

 Daniel Ruiz Revuelta, colegiado nº 6628 del ICAGR, is an expert and has the Master´s degree given by the Foundation of Judicial Studies and Practice in Granada. He has worked in the area of Civil Law and Criminal Law. Currently he is completing his Master´s degree in Administrative Law. He has a lawyer´s degree as well as a degree in Political Sciences, both obtained at the University of Granada.